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Product Launch Course

Essential Product Launch Live

Learn to launch products like a pro

Unique Blended Learning Model

Our blended learning model combines live instruction with on-demand learning. Our goal is to use class time to maximize hands-on application of concepts and methods. And give learners the flexibility to learn at their own pace.

BrainKraft Product Launch Framework

  Learn how the structure of the BrainKraft Product Launch Framework drives consistency

Get Organized

  Mobilize your launch team

  Develop crystal clear launch objectives

  Identify and evaluate advantages and obstacles

Identify and Evaluate the Launch Environment

  Develop Ideal Customer Profiles

  Define and evaluate Market Segments

  Document what motivates buyers and what they want

  Identify competitors and find your winning zone

Develop a Launch Strategy and Get Prepared

  Define a Unique Value Proposition

  Develop a Primary Message and Key Messages

  Develop a launch strategy that optimizes resources and supports launch objectives

  Determine launch readiness gaps and develop plans to close them

 Accelerate and Review

  How to conduct a Go/No Go session

  Define, monitor, and respond to launch performance metrics

  Conduct a launch review for continuous improvement

Plan Your Learning Time

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Class time consists of four (4) sessions that are two (2) hours long for a total of 8 hours of hands-on instruction time with a launch coach. 

Learners prepare for live sessions by watching on-demand videos of the learning material. Preparation time for each live session is about 45 minutes on average. 

Worksheets and Templates Included

Responsibility Assignment Matrix

Launch Team Guide

Launch Expectations Worksheet

Product Launch Risk Profile Matrix

Launch Objectives Worksheet

Customer Profile Template

Empathy Mapping Worksheet

Effort vs. Insight Matrix

Market Segment Evaluation Matrix

Buying Center Matrix

Buying Motivations and Buying Criteria Worksheet

Buyer Journey Map

Competitor Comparison Matrix

Unique Value Proposition Worksheet

Messaging Framework Worksheet

Obstacles and Advantages Worksheet

Launch Strategy Worksheet

Launch Roadmap Worksheet

Launch Performance Worksheet

Launch Readiness Scorecard

Launch Readiness Plan Template

Product Launch Briefing document template

Product Launch Briefing presentation template

Launch Review Worksheet

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