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Successfully launch a B2B product in 90 days.

Product launch success is determined by four factors:

  • An effective launch team running as one

  • Clearly defined launch objectives

  • Day 1 Launch Readiness™ 

  • Consistent, process-driven results

Successfully launch a complex, B2B product in 90 days.

BrainKraft Product Launch System™

Up to now, the approach of launching a B2B product was more likely to be a loose collection of stuff to do - a launch checklist - rather than a systematic approach that drives business results.

There is a lot of activity from a lot of people focusing on outputs when they should focus on outcomes.

​The BrainKraft Product Launch System aims to fill that void by incorporating decades of product launch best practices into a system that reduces business risk and increases product launch outcomes.

The 4Cs of an Effective Launch Team

A product launch is a complex, cross-functional effort that requires a different kind of focus than a project within a single functional area. Decisions in one area can have a detrimental effect on another. Things that seem insignificant to one area can disrupt or even stop a launch in its tracks.

There are four pillars to a successful product launch: collaboration, coordination, communication, and commitment.

3 Steps to Product Launch Success

Mobilize an effective launch team

Define launch success

Drive Day 1 Launch Readiness™

Product Launch Intensive™

The BrainKraft Product Launch Intensive is what you need to get everything under control and a clear picture of what's needed for a successful product launch.

​The experts at BrainKraft assess your current situation and apply the BrainKraft Product Launch System in real time.

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