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About BrainKraft

Launch with confidence and consistently good results

The goal of BrainKraft is simple and bold: become the de facto standard for launching B2B products with the BrainKraft Product Launch System. 

Eliminate the chaos of launching products

Define success and drive it with a launch strategy

"We launch new products and features so often I can't keep up."

"SaaS has created a new problem. How can we generate excitement when features trickle out every few weeks?"

Define clear roles and responsibilities

Establish checkpoints to prevent unforced errors

Complete set of ready-to-use tools and templates

A process framework to align your team

"Our executive leadership team complains because they have no visibility into launch status."

"Our launch process is terrifying. Sheer chaos."

"We spent so much time developing our new product we didn't pay attention to launching it. We need help fast."

"Our launch team doesn't know what they're doing. We need help!"

Empower Your Team

A complete product launch system

A launch process framework

Proven tools and methods

Self-paced and live learning

Launch coaches to guide your team to the finish line

Tailored to your business

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