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Product Launch Resources for Pragmatic Institute Launch Customers

Collaboration, coordination, and communication are the hallmarks of a successful product launch, not heroics.  

Why do your product launch efforts require so many meetings, take so many resources, yet produce poor results?

Why are too many product launches happening at the same time?


What if we could show you how to implement a product launch system so you can launch a product successfully every single time?

Get the Launch Methodology Worksheet

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Pragmatic Framework Perspective_edited.png


Launch Worksheets, Templates, Guides, and Posters

A complete repository of powerful thinking tools and artifacts to institutionalize your product launch efforts. 


Launch Liftoff with Dave Daniels

A weekly session open to BrainKraft members (free) that dives into a launch topic and provides an open forum to get solutions to product launch challenges. 

BrainKraft Pragmatic Launch Accelerator

A program tailored to Pragmatic Launch customers who want help institutionalizing their product launch processes.

BrainKraft Product Launch Intensive

A program specifically designed for customers who need help launch a product immediately.

Get the Launch Methodology Worksheet

Thanks! The worksheet will be emailed to you shortlly.

Team Meeting

BrainKraft Product Launch System™ 

Launch a product successfully.
Every. Single. Time.


Launch Process

Anchoring the BrainKraft Product Launch System is the BrainKraft Product Launch Framework. The Framework is a proven process framework guiding launch teams to a successful launch outcome. 



Implement the rigor to ensure coordination, communication, and collaboration of your launch teams at scale. 


Tools and Methods

The BrainKraft Product Launch System includes an integrated set of workhseets, canvases, templates, and guides. Unlike most product launch toolkits, ours follows a philosophy of simplicity and integration. 



Get the launch help you need from a BrainKraft Launch Advisor. We help you implement and adapt the BrainKraft Product Launch System and can help you plan a product launch. 

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