Product Launch Master Class FAQ

How is the Master Class delivered?

The BrainKraft Product Launch Master Class is delivered in two formats. BrainKraft Product Launch Master Class On Demand is delivered by video and supported by scheduled office hours. Learners progress at their own pace. BrainKraft Product Launch Master Class Live is delivered live by a BrainKraft Product Launch Coach over a series of sessions.

What is included in the updates for life?

All updates for the life of the Master Class On Demand are included. You are notified of updates and have the option of revisit any parts of the course. Master Class Live customers have lifetime access to Master Class On Demand as well.

What's included in the Master Class?

The Master Class includes video on demand, a workbook, worksheets, templates, access to the BrainKraft Launch Community, and access to publicly scheduled office hours with a BrainKraft Launch Coach. Master Class Live customers get instruction from a BrainKraft Launch Coach and privately scheduled coaching sessions.

What if I need more help after taking the Master Class?

Options for help after taking the Master Class include our Launch Community, private coaching sessions, office hour sessions, and scheduled AMAs (ask me anything).

What is a hybrid learning model?

It's a hybrid learning model incorporates multiple ways to learn. Adults learn differently. A lecture-based learning model is less effective of adults than the ways we learned in school. Learning in a BrainKraft hybrid model includes on-demand (video) to learn at your own pace. A live version of the Master Class to allow for group interaction (both in a private scenario and a public scenario). Office hours to discuss challenges and clarify concepts. And private coaching. Our approach is applied learning rather than conceptual learning. Stories and case studies are good, but they don't replace applying what is being learned to a real situation: yours.