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How to Use Customer Discovery to Nail Your Next Product Launch

Tuesday, May 25, 2021 at 5:00:00 PM UTC

Enjoy a lively discussion on how to use customer discovery to help you nail your next product launch.

How to Use Customer Discovery to Nail Your Next Product Launch

Learning as much as you can about the customers you want and the market segments where they congregate reduces product launch risk. The more you know, the better go-to-market decisions you can make. 

Learning about your customers and market segments doesn't have to be a gigantic project. A little insight can go a long way. 

Get tips from Charles Topping, a customer discovery expert and founder of the Win-Loss Agency. It will be a lively discussion that you don't want to miss!

Charles Topping is a B2B Market Researcher, Founder of the Win-Loss Agency and Principal Facilitator of Market-Driven Business. Charles has built a reputation as a truth-teller in business. His approach cuts past opinions, bluster and fluff to get to the truth of the matter. Charles works closely with technology companies worldwide to defeat inside-out culture by reinforcing that today’s decision-making requires objective insights sourced from real conversations with real customers.

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