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Let's Partner

Join our Affiliate Program

Offer the BrainKraft Product Launch Program to your visitors. Affiliate partners get paid a commission for referrals to buyers of individual products and services. 

Get Paid for Referrals

The easiest way to partner with BrainKraft is as a referral partner. We pay a variable referral fee based on the buying intent of a sales prospect wanting a team-based program. 

A hot sales lead - when a buyer is ready to purchase and prepared to discuss price - is a 20% referral fee.

A warm sales lead - when a buyer has expressed purchase intent but is not prepared to discuss price - is a 10% referral fee. 

A cold sales lead - when an introduction is made, and the purchase intent is unclear - is a 5% referral fee. 

The referral fee is good for one year from the time we receive your sales lead. We recognize that a buyer may not purchase immediately, and we want to ensure you get the referral credit, even if it takes a year. 

Your referral fee is paid on the first invoice to the customer 30 days after payment has been received. In other words, we pay you 30 days after we've been paid. 

Click the Let's Partner link above to schedule a time to discuss our referral program or refer a sales lead. 

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