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BrainKraft Launch Readiness Accelerator
for the Pragmatic Launch Course

Took the #Pragmatic Launch class and need help?

Implement best practices in product launch. The BrainKraft Launch Readiness Accelerator picks up where classroom instruction stops by helping your team through the practical steps of implementing a repeatable launch process that drives business outcomes. 

The BrainKraft Launch Readiness Program for the Pragmatic Launch Course. Get the help you need to implement a repeatable launch process.

Focus Areas

Organize and Drive a Launch Team

Build an extended, cross-functional launch team with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

Manage Complicated Cross-Functional 
Launch Efforts

Establish a common launch toolset. Learn how to use the simplicity and elegance of a Kanban board for effective project management. 

Define Crystal Clear Launch Objectives

Focus on outcomes rather than outputs. Define launch objectives that focuses all launch resources on a successful launch outcome

Prioritize Resources with Launch Tiers

Use launch tiers to prioritize the resources of an extended launch team.

Develop a Winning Product Launch Strategy

Evaluate the launch strategy options that pave a path to achieving your launch objectives. Summarize the entire launch in a one-page Product Launch Strategy Canvas.

Close Launch Readiness Gaps

Identify and address launch readiness gaps across your organization to assure launch readiness. 

Monitor Launch Performance

Define launch performance metrics that demonstrate progress toward a successful launch.

Keep Your Stakeholders Informed

Provide a launch status update to keep your stakeholders informed.

BrainKraft is Your Launch Implementation Partner

Dave Daniels, the founder of BrainKraft, was a long-time instructor at Pragmatic Institute and the original creator of the Pragmatic Launch course. Dave and his team have the insight and experience you need to implement a repeatable, reliable launch process that gets results. 

We also know how to extend the fundamentals of the Pragmatic Launch course to fill in the gaps and tailor a repeatable launch process that fits the contours of your business. 

Additional Information

Engagement Duration

The BrainKraft Launch Readiness Accelerator is a multi-week engagement. The result is a  complete launch readiness process that is repeatable and reliable. 

Dedicated Launch Coach

Throughout the engagement you have a dedicated launch coach who works side-by-side with your team to guide them to a successful outcome. 

Request a follow up meeting to get your questions answered

You will receive an email with a link to schedule a time to discuss your launch challenge.

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BrainKraft LLC is an independent business and not affiliated with Pragmatic Institute LLC. 

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