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The BrainKraft Story

BrainKraft was started by Dave Daniels. Dave started in the software business by writing code. Throughout his career, he held roles in sales, product management, marketing, and executive leadership. Along the way, Dave amassed product launch experience from the perspective of multiple roles.

The BrainKraft story started when Dave spent a long night attending a birthday party in San Francisco. The party was for a friend and attended by a who’s who of Silicon Valley startup executives. It was there Dave validated how chaotic launching products was for even the most revered technology companies. That epiphany led to starting Launch Clinic. 

The mission of Launch Clinic was clear. Take the experience and tools Dave collected over his career and turn it into a methodology to help companies launch their products successfully. 

What started out as a way to help friends expanded into a successful business.

Launch Clinic was acquired by Pragmatic Marketing (now Pragmatic Institute) after just 14 months. The concepts of Launch Clinic became the Product Launch Essentials seminar. It became the fastest-growing new seminar in company history and was taught to thousands of product professionals in hundreds of technology companies. 

Dave came to realize that launching products in today's rapidly changing competitive landscape is very different. He reimagined a streamlined, iterative launch methodology. That new approach is the BrainKraft Product Launch System. 

The BrainKraft mission: deliver the product launch solution your CEO loves and your competitors fear.

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