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The pressure and anxiety of a chaotic product launch are a distant memory after experiencing the BrainKraft Product Launch Accelerator | On-Demand course, part of the Product Launch Accelerator Program. 

You will gain the knowledge and confidence to apply the BrainKraft Product Launch Framework, worksheets, canvases, and tools included to plan and execute a successful product launch. And be able to use the BrainKraft Product Launch System to improve every product launch. 

👉 Plan and execute a product launch with confidence 
👉 Achieve a successful product launch by defining the parameters of success
👉 Minimize meetings and maximize collaboration
👉 Multiple avenues of help to guide your progress 

👉 Organizing an Effective Launch Team
👉 Implementing Launch Tiers
👉 Setting Launch Objectives - Defining Success
👉 Leverage Advantages and Removing Obstacles
👉 Documenting Ideal Target Customers with the Buyer Person Canvas
👉 Evaluating Market Segments
👉 Identify Buying Centers
👉 Understanding Buying Motivations and Buying Criteria
👉 Documenting the Buyer’s Journey
👉 Profiling Competitors
👉 Establish Pricing Based on Willingness to Pay
👉 Create Packaging to Broaden Buyer Appeal
👉 Choose Launch Plays (Strategy) to Achieve Launch Objectives
👉 Prepare Your Organization for Success
👉 Accelerate to Win
👉 Learn and Reflect to Improve 

Product Launch Accelerator | On-Demand

  • Product Launch Accelerator

    Experience the power of an integrated product launch system for B2B
    Valid for one year
    • Product Launch Accelerator Course
    • Weekly Community Coaching Session
    • Members-only discussion group



Taking a course is a good way to learn new things. Having someone guide you through what you learned is even better. For that reason, we offer all attendees of the BrainKraft Product Launch Accelerator program coaching options: Community Coaching and 1:1 Coaching. 

Community Coaching (Launch Liftoff with Dave Daniels) is available to all program participants. Community Coaching sessions are scheduled weekly and open to anyone purchasing the Launch Accelerator course. The first part of a Community Coaching session is dedicated to a topic in the BrainKraft Product Launch System. The bulk of the time is open for Q&A.

1:1 Coaching is a private session option for participants who want more than Community Coaching. 


The on-demand version of the program proceeds at a pace you are comfortable with. The instructor-led version (not yet released) is delivered over a period of several weeks. 

What is the duration of the course?

What is the Community Coaching?

All program participants receive Community Coaching as part of the program. Community Coaching is offered as a weekly session that opens with a brief topic of the week followed by a Q&A to address the questions that participants have with their product launch planning. 

What is the 1:1 Coaching?

1:1 Coaching is available as an option in the program. It is available for participants wanting more personal one-on-one time than is possible with Community Coaching. 

What are the prerequisites for the course?

There are no prerequisites for this course other than curiosity and a willingness to learn. 

What will I need to take the course?

A personal computer with a browser connected to the Internet is all that's required. If you can watch YouTube on your PC or Mac, you can take the course. The course material can be viewed on mobile devices too. 

What is included in the course?

You receive unlimited access to the course videos and updates for one year, access to the worksheets, templates and guides, access to a members-only launch discussion group, and access to Community Coaching sessions.

Does the course offer certification?

Yes. Participants who complete the course and pass a brief final exam receive a Certificate of Completion.

How can I get help while I'm taking the course?

There are multiple ways for program participants to get assistance. One way is through a private community group of peers. A second way is through Community Coaching. And a third way is through optional 1:1 Coaching.

Can I get this course for my entire team?

Yes. Please contact us by email at to discuss the options.  We offer workshop options that are available by Zoom or F2F. 

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