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Product Launch Workshop

Get your team together for 2-days of intensive, hands-on training with the BrainKraft Product Launch System™.

Workshop Summary

Feeling overwhelmed by your upcoming product launch? Our Product Launch Workshop equips you and your cross-functional team with the tools and frameworks to navigate the process with confidence. Learn how to:

  • Organize and execute a seamless launch with clear roles and responsibilities.

  • Define success with measurable KPIs based on market conditions.

  • Craft a winning launch strategy focused on market conditions

  • Set pricing based on market dynamics and buyer behavior.

  • Develop targeted product packages based on market conditions.

  • Monitor and fine-tune your launch for optimal results.

  • Analyze and improve your launch process for future success.

Join us and ensure a smoother launch process that delivers exceptional results.

Who is this workshop for?

Product Managers - you want to know your product product launch will create momentum.

Product Marketing Managers - you want a sane, predictable way to launch products without out all the drama.

Program Managers (PMO) - you want a repeatable process that every product team uses to produce great product launch results with few surprises.

This workshop includes

  • Interactive live sessions

  • Lifetime access to course materials

  • Direct access to instructor (Dave Daniels)

  • Guided feedback & reflection

  • Private community of peers

  • Course certificate upon completion

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