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Product Launch Options for Pragmatic Marketing Customers

Imagine leaving the product launch class from Pragmatic Marketing feeling energized and informed. You've grasped the core principles of a successful launch, but as launch day approaches, questions arise: How do we translate theory into action? How do we navigate the specific challenges of our product and market? That's where BrainKraft comes in.

BrainKraft empowers product launch teams to achieve breakthrough results.  We combine a proven launch methodology with dedicated coaching to ensure your product hits the market with a bang.

The Problem

You’re likely on this page for one of three reasons:

  1. You’ve invested in the product launch class from Pragmatic Marketing to solve your product launch problems. You’re not getting the results you expect and want more.

  2. You’ve invested in the product launch class from Pragmatic Marketing,  asked Pragmatic for help implementing what your team learned, and discovered that it’s not an option Pragmatic Marketing offers.

  3. You are considering an investment in the product launch class from Pragmatic Marketing and are conducting research into alternatives. 

The Benefits of Solving the Problem

Increased Launch Success Rates

  • The BrainKraft Product Launch System can significantly improve the chances of a successful launch, positively impacting your company's bottom line.

  • We helped a  SaaS company increase initial launch revenue by over 100%.


Reduced Time to Market

  • The structured approach of the BrainKraft Product Launch System streamlines the launch process, saving valuable time and resources.

  • This allows companies to get a product in front of customers faster and capitalize on market opportunities.


Enhanced Brand Reputation

  • A well-executed launch creates positive buzz and excitement for the product, ultimately strengthening the brand image. BrainKraft can help companies achieve this by ensuring a smooth and impactful launch.


Improved Cross-Functional Collaboration

  • The BrainKraft focus on cross-functional teams ensures everyone is aligned and working together, leading to a successful launch.

  • This translates to less stress and fewer headaches for all involved during a critical time.

The BrainKraft - Pragmatic Marketing Connection

Our founder, Dave Daniels, created the product launch class for Pragmatic Marketing. Dave developed, taught, and maintained it for over a decade, so it is fair to say he understands the class material inside out. 

Dave engaged thousands of launch class attendees during his time at Pragmatic Marketing. It helped him develop a keen sense of what companies need for a successful product launch and what was needed after the class was over. 

BrainKraft builds upon the foundation of the product launch class from Pragmatic Marketing with additional insights gained from working with hundreds of companies across a wide range of industries. 

Building on Product Launch Fundamentals

The product launch class from Pragmatic Marketing offers valuable foundational knowledge. However, successful launches require more than just theory. 

BrainKraft builds upon that foundation by providing a comprehensive Product Launch System™, workshops, and coaching programs to ensure your team can effectively translate knowledge into action. 

We don't offer a one-size-fits-all solution; we tailor our approach to your specific goals and challenges.  We focus on implementation and results, with a proven track record of helping clients achieve successful product launches.

The product launch class from Pragmatic Marketing provides a solid foundation for product launch fundamentals. The material covers many market-driven launch topics in roughly 6 hours of content. It’s very helpful for individuals to understand the fundamentals of the sport of product launch. 

At BrainKraft, we take the time to explore the specific implementation challenges each company faces.

Building on the strong foundation provided by the Pragmatic Marketing launch class, BrainKraft can help elevate your investment through the BrainKraft Product Launch System™.

The BrainKraft Product Launch System is an end-to-end solution for planning and executing a successful product launch. It incorporates an outcomes-based approach with a cross-functional process framework, tools, methods, and implementation expertise. 

Product Launch Accelerator Workshop™

A product launch team is really two teams: a core product launch team and an extended product launch team. The core launch team typically includes a product manager, a product marketing manager, and a project manager (PMO). The extended launch team includes readiness owners from the functional areas impacted by a product launch. 

There are two goals of the Product Launch Accelerator Workshop:

  1. Enable your core launch teams to effectively plan and execute a successful product launch using the BrainKraft Product Launch System

  2. Emphasize cross-functional readiness based on outcomes rather than outputs


The Product Launch Accelerator Workshop focuses on educating the core launch team, showing them how to:

  • Implement the BrainKraft Product Launch System

  • Organize and drive an extended product launch team

  • Define concise product launch objectives to contribute to business outcomes

  • Gain critical market insights about customers, market segments, and competitors

  • Develop effective product messaging

  • Define packing and pricing

  • Develop an effective product launch strategy

  • Develop launch readiness plans by functional area

  • Communicate product launch status with stakeholders

  • Identify and close organizational readiness gaps

  • Manage the Go/No-Go decision

  • Accelerate to achieve the launch objectives

  • Identify areas of improvement for future product launches

Product Launch Intensive™

The Product Launch Intensive professional service takes the Product Launch Accelerator Workshop to the next level to drive consistent product launch results without all the confusion you experience today. 

You get a BrainKraft product launch coach who guides your team through implementing the BrainKraft Product Launch System tailored to your organization.

There are three goals with a Product Launch Intensive:

  1. Guide a launch team to a successful product launch using the BrainKraft Product Launch System.

  2. Establish the product launch foundation so the team can launch the next product on their own, using the BrainKraft Product Launch System. 

  3. Day 1 Launch Readiness™ without surprises or confusion.


The Product Launch Intensive focus on implementing the BrainKraft Product Launch System in your company with:

  • The expertise of a BrainKraft launch coach

  • The adaption of the BrainKraft Product Launch System to your company

  • Defining launch objectives and key progress indicators that move your business forward

  • Reacting to the inevitable changes without panic

  • Introducing briefing points to keep launch stakeholders informed

  • How to identify and close launch readiness gaps

  • Developing a winning launch strategy

  • Leveraging your existing infrastructure to strengthen collaboration, coordination, communication, and commitment and align the launch team

  • Instituting the ceremonies that drive the launch process to a successful conclusion

  • Learning to identify areas of continuous improvement


The duration of a Product Launch Intensive starts at 90 days and increases based on scope and complexity. 

The Product Launch Intensive requires a Product Launch Accelerator Workshop as a prerequisite. 

Special Offer

Use the form below to learn more about how BrainKraft can help leverage your investment in the product launch class from Pragmatic Marketing. You will be contacted by a launch coach (not a salesperson). 

Find out how you can get credit for purchasing a Launch Workshop or Launch Intensive package for your team members who have already taken the product launch class from Pragmatic Marketing.

Drop us a line and let us know how we can help leverage your Pragmatic Marketing investment

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