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Product Launch Accelerator | On-Demand

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Product Launch Accelerator | On-Demand course from BrainKraft


The pressure and anxiety of a chaotic product launch are a distant memory after experiencing the BrainKraft Product Launch Accelerator | On-Demand course, part of the Product Launch Accelerator Program. You will gain the knowledge and confidence to apply the BrainKraft Product Launch Framework, worksheets, canvases, and tools included to plan and execute a successful product launch. And be able to use the BrainKraft Product Launch System to improve every product launch. COURSE BENEFITS 👉 Plan and execute a product launch with confidence 👉 Achieve a successful product launch by defining the parameters of success 👉 Minimize meetings and maximize collaboration 👉 Multiple avenues of help to guide your progress KEY TOPICS COVERED 👉 Organizing an Effective Launch Team 👉 Implementing Launch Tiers 👉 Setting Launch Objectives - Defining Success 👉 Leverage Advantages and Removing Obstacles 👉 Documenting Ideal Target Customers with the Buyer Person Canvas 👉 Evaluating Market Segments 👉 Identify Buying Centers 👉 Understanding Buying Motivations and Buying Criteria 👉 Documenting the Buyer’s Journey 👉 Profiling Competitors 👉 Establish Pricing Based on Willingness to Pay 👉 Create Packaging to Broaden Buyer Appeal 👉 Choose Launch Plays (Strategy) to Achieve Launch Objectives 👉 Prepare Your Organization for Success 👉 Accelerate to Win 👉 Learn and Reflect to Improve

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