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BrainKraft Product Launch System™ 

Launching a product is a resource-intense, cross-functional initiative. It can be one of the most challenging efforts of an organization. Getting it right can determine whether you hit your numbers or not. 

Up to now, the approach of launching a B2B product was more likely to be a loose collection of stuff to do - a launch checklist - rather than a systematic approach that drives business results. 


There is a lot of activity from a lot of people focusing on outputs when they should focus on outcomes. 

The BrainKraft Product Launch System aims to fill that void by incorporating decades of product launch best practices into a system that reduces business risk and increases product launch outcomes. 

BrainKraft Product Launch Framework™ 

Anchoring the BrainKraft Product Launch System is the BrainKraft Product Launch Framework. The Framework is a modern process framework that guides launch teams to a successful launch outcome. 

In each step in the Framework is a collection activities that drive your launch team through a strategic product launch process. As one step is completed it integrates into the next. Circles represent the integration of steps - how one affects the other - in a logical order. 

The BrainKraft Product Launch Framework

Product Launch Tools and Methods

The BrainKraft Product Launch System includes an integrated set of workhseets, canvases, templates, and guides. Unlike most product launch toolkits, ours follows a philosophy of simplicity and integration. 

Each tool is simple enough to be quickly understood and adopted by a launch team. Integration means that no tool is an island. Every tool has a distinct purpose and flows into another.

BrainKraft Product Launch System Tools and Methods

Product Launch Accelerator™ Program

A system wouldn't be complete without the knowledge to use it. Our Product Launch Accelerator Program brings the BrainKraft Product Launch System to life. 

Our approach to knowledge transfer is through applied learning. We don't use "drink from the firehose" learning. As concepts and tools of the System are presented, participants apply what they learn and get feedback. 

The Product Launch Accelerator program is offered as an on-demand program or as an instructor-led program. 

Product Launch Intensive™ Program

The BrainKraft Product Launch Intensive is what you need to get everything under control and a clear picture of what's needed for a successful product launch. 

The experts at BrainKraft assess your current situation and apply the BrainKraft Product Launch System in real-time. Some customers refer to it as painting the plane while it's flying. 

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