Product Launch Framework

The foundation of the BrainKraft Product Launch System is the BrainKraft Product Launch Framework. It contains the structure to plan and execute a successful product launch. Every. Single. Time. 

A product launch is more than a product and a marketing campaign. It's the most cross-functional activity a company undertakes. Doing it right takes discipline, creativity, and structure. 

Our framework embraces the full life cycle of a product launch. From organizing the launch team. Defining launch objectives. Understanding the market environment. Communicating a unique value proposition. Developing a launch strategy. Preparing the company, partners, and market. To accelerating to achieve launch objectives. 

Product Launch is More Than a Processes

A common misconception is that a product launch is a process. It's really an organized collection of processes. 

Each circle - or donuts as we call them - is a unique process. And each of these processes is interwoven with other processes. 

Learn more about each donut below and download the poster

Assess - mobilize the launch team and assess launch risk 

Objectives - define launch objectives

Customers - define ideal customer profiles

Segments - identify attractive market segments

Competitors - conduct competitor analysis

Positioning - develop a competitive position, unique value proposition, and primary message

Advantages - identify launch advantages to leverage


Obstacles - identify launch obstacles to remove

Launch Plan - develop a launch strategy

Prepare - ready your organization and market

Accelerate - adjust strategy and tactics to achieve launch objectives

Review - build tribal knowledge and improve the next product launch

Why circles? 

Circles represent iteration and agility. The process of planning and executing a successful product launch is never a straight line. Every activity introduces new variables, new insight, and quick changes. 

A waterfall launch process is rigid, slow, and cumbersome to yield the kind of results needed for a fast-moving product launch. 

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