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A Product Launch Process Framework
for Consistent Launch Results

A Unifying Language. A Unifying Approach.

The BrainKraft Product Launch Framework™ encompasses the full life cycle of a product launch.


Organize the launch team. Define launch objectives. Understand the market environment and communicate a unique value proposition. Develop a product launch strategy, and prepare your company, partners, and market. Accelerate to achieve launch objectives. 

BrainKraft Product Launch Framework
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A Product Launch Takes More Than a Launch Checklist

It's an organized collection of processes. 

Each circle is a defined step in the launch process. Each step is interwoven with every other step to form an integrated launch process framework.

Launch Process Framework Step Descriptions


Mobilize a launch team. Designate launch team members' roles and responsibilities. Establish a common launch collaboration tool set. Designate a launch tier.

Define the definition of launch success with clearly defined launch objectives. Each objective must have a measurable metric, and quantity to achieve (increase or decrease) and a timeframe. The primary launch objectives are Win, Keep, and Grow. 



Define the buyer personas that represent buyers you serve. 

Identify target launch market segments based on company strategy and favorable market segment attributes. Document why buyers in market segments buy and how they make a buying decision. 



Identify the competitors you are likely to encounter in target launch market segments. The field of competition is informed by market segments. 

Develop a message that resonates with customers using the BrainKraft positioning framework. You have 10 seconds to get the attention of a potential customer. What will you say?



Establish a price based on willingness to pay.

Offer packages that appeal to a wider audience across multiple market segments. 



Establish a launch strategy informed by launch objectives and market insights. 

A critical element of a successful product launch is organizational readiness. Define readiness based on the capabilities needed for a successful launch rather than the quantity of deliverables. 



Monitor the performance of your product launch by leveraging the KPIs established in the OBJECTIVES step. Make adjustments to achieve your launch objectives. 

Reflect on the performance of the product launch to improve the performance of the next launch. 


Why circles? 

Circles represent continuous flow and agility. The process of planning and executing a successful product launch is never a straight line. Every activity introduces new variables and new insights. 

BrainKraft Launch Readiness Workshop
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