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Product Launch Intensive

A Successful Product Launch in 90 Days

Do you want to increase your team's confidence for an upcoming product launch? 

Can you afford a misstep when launching your next product?

The BrainKraft Product Launch Intensive is what you need to get everything under control and a clear picture of what's needed for a successful product launch. 

The experts at BrainKraft assess your current situation and apply the BrainKraft Product Launch System in real time.  

  • Turn individual heroics into a well-oiled launch machine

  • Establish the parameters of a successful launch

  • Develop situational awareness to drive decisions

  • Define a go-to-market strategy

  • Identify and respond to competitive threats

  • Craft a message that compels buyers to act

  • Prepare for Day 1 Launch Readiness™

  • Monitor launch performance to accelerate results

  • Embrace a practice of continuous improvement

  • Establish a foundation for repeatable launch success

Note: The engagement duration is typically 90 days but can vary based on scope.

We quickly assess your launch situation

The first step in the BrainKraft Product Launch Accelerator is to assess the launch experience of the team, the collaboration tools to leverage, and the expected business impact of the launch.

We organize your launch team and implement our proven launch process

We have deep experience working with teams with various skill sets, experience, and sizes. And we know how to leverage your collaboration tools to maximize efforts.

We guide your team through a product launch

We are experts at guiding your launch team through the BrainKraft Product Launch System. We show them how to identify obstacles and give them strategies to work around them. 

We show your team what winning looks like

A successful product launch starts with defining clear and concise launch objectives. They become the North Start that shapes the tough decisions that lead to a successful product launch. 

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