Product Launch Assessment

Your launch team works really hard. You see that individual team members do a great job of launch planning and execution. But the launch doesn't product the results you expect. Why?


A BrainKraft Launch Assessment identifies launch problem areas so you can take action to improve future launch planning and execution.


A Launch Assessment is an examination of your product launch planning and execution process leveraging the BrainKraft Product Launch Framework

The Launch Assessment explores the 7 critical areas of launch planning and execution:

  • Launch expectations

  • Launch planning process

  • Market knowledge

  • Launch coordination

  • Launch communication

  • Launch readiness

  • Launch performance tracking


A Product Launch Assessment report summarizes the launch problem areas identified and recommended corrective actions. 

How to Get Started

  • Contact us to make sure a Launch Assessment is right for you

  • Commit to conducting a Launch Assessment

  • Schedule the Launch Assessment

  • Get Launch Assessment results