Product Launches Competitors Fear

89% of product launches fail to meet business objectives. The outcomes are the same for those responsible: embarrassment and loss of credibility. 

No one should experience the shame and disappointment of a failed product launch. It’s not something we want others to go through. 

A remarkable product launch can be revolutionary for your business. The personal benefits can be game changing for you. Your product gets traction in the market. You get recognized for your efforts. And, it unlocks the door for career advancement.

A Remarkable Product Launch Requires a Remarkable System

A remarkable product launch requires more than a killer product and a race to update your web site.


You need more than a checklist, you need a system that is simple to understand, consistent, and adaptable.

Simplicity gets implemented and adopted faster

Consistency reduces business risk

Adaptability means you can tailor it to your organization

BrainKraft Product Launch System™ 





The foundation of the BrainKraft Product Launch System is the BrainKraft Product Launch Framework. It delivers the structure and flow for product launch planning and execution. 

Coming Soon...


Product Launch Boot Camp™ 

The BrainKraft Product Launch Boot Camp shows you how to apply the Product Launch Framework to your product launch. It’s a hands-on workshop guided by a BrainKraft Success Coach. This ensures the BrainKraft Product Launch System is learned and applied in a real-world situation: yours.


Product Launch Success Coaching

A BrainKraft Success Coach guides you through applying the methods and tools in the BrainKraft Product Launch System. And helps you tailor it to your organization.

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