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Helping B2B Companies Successfully Launch Their Products

Without the drama

Product Launches Fail for One of Six Reasons

A lack of cross-functional collaboration that results in launch readiness gaps  

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Poor cross-functional communication that confuses stakeholders

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A lack of product launch experience which leads to missing crucial launch elements 

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A disorganized and misaligned launch team that are unclear about their roles and responsibilities

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A focus on deliverables rather than outcomes which results in wasted resources and unprepared functional areas

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The lack of a standard launch methodology which results in launch performance that is consistently inconsistent

These six problem areas are the root causes of product launch failures. The BrainKraft Product Launch System I developed, coupled with expert product launch coaching helps your team avoid these problems and achieve product launch success.

My clients engage with me to help solve their
product launch challenges in
six different ways

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Get the book: Product Launch Survival Guide

Read Product Launch Survival Guide: Successfully launch a B2B product and live to tell about it. The entire book is dedicated to the BrainKraft Product Launch System™. It's a great way to get started.

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Product Launch Workshop

The Product Launch Workshop is a 2-day guided workshop on the BrainKraft Product Launch System™. It is a team-based workshop conducted in a private setting either online or at your location. 

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Product Launch Accelerator Course

The pressure and anxiety of a chaotic product launch are a distant memory after experiencing the BrainKraft Product Launch Accelerator | On-Demand course.

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Product Launch Intensive

Product Launch Intensive takes your team through a product launch from beginning to end. The goal is twofold. The first is a successful product launch. The second is to establish the foundation for future product launches. 

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1:1 Launch Coaching

The 1:1 Product Launch Coaching Package is for product leaders who need private sessions to explore, discuss, and identify solutions to their unique product launch and go-to-market challenges.

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Building Products is Hard.
Don't Waste it on a Bad Product Launch.

During my career, I've experienced and observed countless B2B product launches that failed to produce the outcomes that company leaders expected. Some launch failures were personal experiences that were so embarrassing that I didn't want them repeated. 

What I learned along the way is that a product launch isn't just a marketing program. It's a complex, cross-functional initiative that impacts an entire organization. It isn't a race to complete a checklist of deliverables. It's about building momentum.  

Even minor updates to a product can have significant organizational impacts. A product launch requires expertise across an organization to facilitate collaboration and alignment. A launch process is critical to success in today's fast product cycles. Bouncing from product launch to product launch in an ad hoc manner isn't a viable solution, and hoping your team will get it right the next time isn't a strategy. 

I created the BrainKraft Product Launch System™ to help companies successfully launch their products in a predictable, systematic way.

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Download the Launch Readiness Checklist today!

Get an accurate picture of your launch readiness gaps.

Have you thought about...

  • Pricing?

  • Discount schedule?

  • Legal stuff like contract terms and conditions?

  • Regulatory compliance?

  • Building a sales pipeline.?

  • Qualifying a sales prospect?

  • Guiding a sales prospect through a sale?

  • Booking a sale?

  • Paying sales commissions?

  • Onboarding new customers efficiently?

  • Processing payments from customers?

  • Providing help to customers when they need it?

The Launch Readiness Checklist is a great way to assess your launch readiness when you don't know where to begin. It focuses your launch team on the capabilities you need for a successful launch rather than arguing over the deliverables.

The Launch Readiness Checklist from BrainKraft focuses on the outcomes for Day 1 Launch Readiness rather the artifacts.

Why do you need the Launch Readiness Checklist?

  • It elimates launch readiness guesswork

  • It gives you a solid starting point today

  • It helps you plan better product launches tomorrow

  • A great product needs Day 1 Launch Readiness™

  • It's a day that ends in Y

How to get your copy of the Launch Readiness Checklist

  1. Fill out the form below

  2. Look for an email with a link to download the Launch Readiness Checklist spreadsheet

  3. Follow the link in the email to the explainer video to learn more

Get the
Launch Readiness Checklist

Look for an email with a download link!

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