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How to Use Launch Tiers to Quickly Prioritize Resources Now

Product Launch Tiers help prioritize limited resources needed for a product launch. Launch Tiers segregate product launches into increasing tiers of importance. Some product launches are more important to a business than others.

It's a method that requires planning on your part to define each tier and socialize it with your team.

Start with 3 launch tiers. Tier 1 represents the highest priority launch tier. Tier 3 represents the lowest priority.

Before going further let me add a moment of clarity. A product launch and a product release are different things. The goal of a product launch is to create momentum... to accelerate your business. I covered this topic in more detail here.

The next thing you need to solve for is the definition of each launch tier. Good launch tier definitions are easy to understand and simple to put in place.

Everyone on your launch team and every stakeholder understands why one product launch has a higher priority than another.

The criteria that defines each tier must be clear and unambiguous. Which helps to avoid conflict and negotiation. Below are suggestions to help you get started.

Define the launch tier criteria to make the most sense for your business. Remember to make it clear and unambiguous.

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Launch Tier 1

Reserve a Tier 1 launch priority for the most important product launches. Tier 1 product launches have the highest visibility of all product launches. Everyone is watching.

A Tier 1 launch gets the highest priority for budget and resources.

Choose a Tier 1 Launch priority when you:

  • Enter a new market

  • Introduce a new product to existing markets

  • Change to the status quo in significant ways (internal and external)

Launch Tier 2

A Tier 2 launch is important to a business but not as important as a Tier 1 launch.

  • Close competitive gaps

  • Reduce customer churn

  • Increase product adoption

Launch Tier 3

A Tier 3 launch is the lowest priority and receives the fewest resources. A Tier 3 launch is still important to your business. But it could be sacrificed in favor of higher-tier product launches.

Choose a Tier 3 Launch priority when the launch doesn't fit the criteria for a Tier 1 or Tier 2 launch:

  • Limited change to the status quo (internal and external)

  • Change in pricing model or price

  • Increase competitive advantage

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Challenge A

Let's say that you are preparing to launch an update to an existing product. You believe it has little impact on the status quo. It won't change the way you market, sell, or distribute the product.

The launch is still important to your business because it makes it more competitive.

Which Launch Tier would you recommend? Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3. Put your answer in the comments below.

Challenge B

Your development team finished a major renovation of an existing product. The product sets a new standard but has a significant impact on your existing customers.

Which Launch Tier would you recommend? Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3. Put your answer in the comments below.

Challenge C

Under what conditions would you increase the priority of a launch from a Tier 2 to a Tier 1?


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