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Help Needed: Launch Readiness Assessment Questions

We're working on an update to the BrainKraft Product Launch Boot Camp. This update includes 5 launch readiness questions to ask each functional area.

The idea is to have a set of questions to help launch planners assess launch readiness gaps. Meaning the difference between an ideal readiness state and the current readiness state.

The purpose of finding the launch readiness gaps is to build good launch readiness plans. And, to define what 'Ready' looks like.

We shared a document on the BrainKraft Google Drive. The document is organized by functional area. For any functional area, add your top 5 assessment questions. Include more than 5 questions if you have more.

Think of the readiness questions you ask for every launch. Think of the launch readiness questions you wanted to ask but didn't. Think of the readiness questions ask after it was too late.

Everyone has the experience of learning the one readiness question to ask that they never, ever forget. What is yours?

Anyone can edit the document here


The BrainKraft Team


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