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Beginner's Guide to Product Launch

Product launch framework from BrainKraft

This article is a collection of the individual Beginner's Guide to Product Launch articles. We put the articles in one place to make it easier to navigate.

The BrainKraft Product Launch Framework is a collection of processes, not a single process. Each donut (as we like to call the circles) expands and contracts as needed to adjust to the contours of each business.

This version is for beginner's or those who have not launched a product for some time. A more advanced version is Product Launch: The Ultimate Guide.

The interlocking donuts reflect how real work is done efficiently in a modern business.

Part 1 - Assess the Situation Part 2 - Launch Objectives Part 3 - Customers Part 4 - Market Segments Part 5 - Competitors Part 6 - Positioning

Part 10 - Prepare

Part 11 - Accelerate

Part 12 - Review

BrainKraft Launch Readiness Workshop | Product Launch Class

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