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Launch Readiness Workshop

Plan and Prepare for a
Successful Product Launch

Create a complete, ready-to-use launch plan in this 3-day Launch Readiness Workshop from BrainKraft. Learn how to assemble a launch team, effectively manage the launch process, set launch objectives, prioritize resources, leverage advantages, identify obstacles, develop a product launch strategy based on whom to target and why, marginalize competitive threats, identify launch readiness gaps, monitor launch performance, and report on launch status.

Product marketing and product management teams work feverishly to get a product ready to "launch", and they often overlook the efforts to prepare their organization to be successful. A product doesn't sell itself. It requires an organization full of teams to ensure a launch is successful. 

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Major Topics Covered

Assemble a Launch Team

Build a launch team that includes a core launch team and an extended launch team.

Manage Launch Activities and Deliverables

Establish a common launch tool set. Learn how to use the simplicity and elegance of a Kanban board for effective project management. 

Set Launch Objectives

Focus on outcomes rather than outputs. Define launch objectives that focuses all launch resources on a successful launch result. 

Prioritize Launch Resources

Learn how to use launch tiers to prioritize the resources of an extended launch team.

Identify Advantages and Obstacles

Learn to identify the advantages that can be leveraged and the obstacles that must be removed for a successful product launch.

Respond to the Competition

Identify the competitive landscape and how to marginalize the competition. 

Develop a Product Launch Strategy

Evaluate the advantages and obstacles to define a strategy that paves a path for achieving the launch objectives. Summarize the entire launch on a one-page Product Launch Strategy Canvas.

Address Launch Readiness Gaps

Identify and address launch readiness gaps across your organization. 

Monitor Launch Performance

Define launch performance metrics that demonstrate progress toward a successful launch.

Report on Launch Status

Provide a launch status update to key stakeholders to keep them informed.

Why BrainKraft

The mission of BrainKraft is to make every product launch a success.

We have decades of experience helping companies of all sizes plan and execute product launches that drive momentum.

Coaching is designed in, it's not an afterthought. 

We focus on results and how to get them.

Additional Information

Workshop Duration

The Launch Readiness Workshop is team-baed, 3-day workshop conducted at the location of your choosing. 

Facilities Requirements

  • Projector and screen

  • Classroom seating

  • Internet access

Our Approach

We develop practical skills through discussion and hands-on application with as little lecture time as possible. 

Launch Readiness Workshop Price

Pricing starts at $34,999 for up to ten (10) participants.









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