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How to Easily Figure Out Product Launch Risk with Confidence

Estimate product launch risk with confidence

At BrainKraft we love thinking tools and in this article, we have a tool to share with your team.

It's a tool to assess product launch risk by considering two factors. One is the level of unknowns. That is, pieces of information you lack or the knowledge you have. The other is the level of confidence.

Notice from the graphic above that there is an inverse relationship between those variables. The more confidence the fewer unknowns. The less confidence the more unknowns. Sometimes you can't quantify the lack of confidence that you sense. This is a simple tool to help you articulate it. Confidence increases and unknowns decrease.

Beware of people with a high degree of confidence but are clueless about the unknowns. They are dangerous.

Confidence-Unknowns Matrix
Download PPTX • 49KB

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