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Product Launch Advisory Program

Get the launch help you need from a BrainKraft Launch Advisor. We help you implement and adapt the BrainKraft Product Launch System and can help you plan a product launch. Our advisors have decades of experience with thousands of companies of all types, and we bring a perspective that could make the difference you need in your next product launch.

1 on 1 Private Advisory

Confidential one-on-one coaching sessions in a private setting where launch challenges can be discussed openly and solutions to tough problems can be explored.

Team Advisory

Team sessions in a private setting where teams can explore new ideas, tackle problems, and build better team cohesion.

How it works

The BrainKraft Product Launch Advisory Program addresses the problems associated with:

  • Limited product launch expertise, which causes missed launch dates and poor launch results

  • Weak launch team cohesion, which causes inefficiencies and rework

  • Expertise gaps, which make it difficult to know the best options

Our launch advisory program includes weekly scheduled Zoom sessions with a BrainKraft Launch Advisor to discuss your launch challenges.


The BrainKraft Product Launch Advisory Program is a month-to-month program.  Your purchase includes a set of sessions per month that you and your advisor schedule.

Use the sessions to discuss and explore important product launch and go-to-market issues related to you and your team..

The BrainKraft Product Launch Advisory Program is available worldwide. 

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