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Fast Track Launch Planning

BrainKraft Fast Track Launch Planning is a high-priority accelerated program for launch planning when you have a short planning timeframe and a team with limited product launch experience.


A BrainKraft Launch Coach guides your team to develop a launch strategy that balances available resources with launch expectations and the available timeframe.

The goals of a BrainKraft Fast Track Launch are to up skill your team to have more confidence when planning future product launches and to solve your near-term problem of getting the best possible product launch in the shortest period of time. 

What You Can Expect

  • Assess the launch situation

  • Define launch objectives

  • Mobilize your launch team

  • Identify ideal customers and market segments

  • Identify advantages and barriers

  • Position your product

  • Define a launch strategy

  • Develop a launch schedule

  • Establish a process for communicating launch progress

  • Define the metrics for monitoring launch performance

How to Get on the Fast Track

  • Contact us to find out if Fast Track Launch Planning is right for you

  • Commit to a Fast Track Launch Planning program

  • Schedule your BrainKraft Fast Track Planning program

  • Launch baby, launch!

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