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The BrainKraft Product Launch Intensive is for organizations that need help now to plan and execute a successful product launch

Product Launch Intensive™ 

A Successful Product Launch in 90 Days


Do you want to increase your team's confidence for an upcoming product launch? 

Can you afford a misstep when launching your next product?

The BrainKraft Product Launch Intensive is what you need to get everything under control and a clear picture of what's needed for a successful product launch. 

The experts at BrainKraft assess your current situation and apply the BrainKraft Product Launch System in real time.  

  • Turn individual heroics into a well-oiled launch machine

  • Establish the parameters of a successful launch

  • Develop situational awareness to drive decisions

  • Define a go-to-market strategy

  • Identify and respond to competitive threats

  • Craft a message that compels buyers to act

  • Effectively prepare for Day 1 Launch Readiness™

  • Monitor launch performance to accelerate results

  • Embrace a practice of continuous improvement

  • Establish a foundation for repeatable launch success

The engagement duration varies but is typically 90 days.

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