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Get Ready for a Q1 Product Launch with The BrainKraft Product Launch Intensive

The Product Launch Intensive program from BrainKraft is a 90-day program to help you plan and execute a successful product launch

Many companies launch products in Q1 to kickoff the year and get a jump growth. The time to start preparing for Q1 launch is now before it’s too late.

"We do a great job of releasing products but we are terrible at launching them.”

Launching a product is hard work. It’s a complex, cross-functional initiative that takes careful planning, a deliberate approach, and expertise. Hard work is required and a deliberate, systematic approach wins the day.

In a panic, some search on Google for a launch checklist they hope will work only to find out it doesn’t work for them.

To help with planning and executing a successful product launch, we’ve developed the BrainKraft Product Launch Intensive program.

"We struggle to coordinate cross-functional teams during launches."

The BrainKraft Product Launch Intensive Program

The BrainKraft Product Launch Intensive is a 90-day program that guides your existing team and infrastructure through a successful product launch using the BrainKraft Product Launch System.

The goals of the program is twofold. The first is have a successful product launch. The second is to put in place a foundation for your team to manage future product launches.

"We encounter unexpected roadblocks and challenges during our launches. Why didn’t we see them coming?”

How Does it Work?

Assess Your Launch Situation

We start by assessing your current launch situation with leaders in your organization to pinpoint problem areas, concerns, and expectations. We then make a determination if we can help or not. We can do amazing work with BrainKraft Product Launch Intensive but we’re not miracle workers. Some launches are too big and have too short of a runway for us to deliver on our definition of success.

"Our team members are overwhelmed and unsure of their roles during launches."

We look for a commitment to program success, a time commitment from launch team members, and a willingness to learn as a team. Then we structure the program into a week-by-week project plan.

Engaging Your Team

You can expect a dedicated team that is committed to your launch success. We are experts in applying the BrainKraft Product Launch System in a wide variety of organizations, and can adjust quickly to accommodate unique situations.

After assessing your launch expectations we begin by organizing the core launch team. This typically includes a project lead from the Program Management Office, a product manager, a product marketing manager, and someone from the sales team.

"We struggle to measure the impact and success of our launches."

We work with the core team to get them quickly up to speed on how the launch will be managed and what is expected from them. The core team meets twice per week for an hour. Once to strategize and once to drive the launch through the extended launch team.

The extended launch team includes representatives from other functional areas not included in the core launch team. This can include Legal, Finance, Sales Enablement, Customer Success, Corporate Marketing, Field Marketing, Professional Services, etc.

Transitioning Control

Initially, our launch advisors take a direct and visible role, but we strive to transition the day-to-day management of a launch to the core team as quickly as possible. We’ve learned that the sooner they take command of the launch the better they will be prepared to take on the next one.

Your Next Step

To find out if the BrainKraft Product Launch System is a good fit for you, set up a free 30-minute session with us at

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