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How do I define launch objectives?


How do I define launch objectives?


Step 1: Determine the objectives of the business. What is the business trying to accomplish? If no one knows the objectives of the business, you're probably in trouble before you get started.

Step 2: Document the objectives of the product. What are you trying to accomplish with the product? If no one knows the objectives of the product, you're probably in trouble too.

Step 3: Do the product objectives support the objectives of the business? No? You got an alignment problem, and it needs to be resolved. Yes? Continue.

Step 4: Develop a set of possible launch objectives (with metrics, quantities, and timeframes).

Step 5: Reduce that set to the smallest possible set (a set of one is perfect). Remember that this exercise is about defining the success of a product launch, not trying to please everyone. Be wary of scope creep.

Step 6: Document the launch objectives, propose them to your launch stakeholders, gain approval, and socialize them with your launch team.

Defining launch objectives using OKRs is also a good method. For those of you familiar with objectives and key results (OKRs), give it a try. You'll find that launch objectives are a perfect fit for OKRs.

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