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A Product Launch is More Than A Box on a Product Management Framework

Product launch options for Pragmatic Marketing Framework users

Let's be honest—while helpful, current product management frameworks, like the Pragmatic Marketing Framework and the 280 Group Optimal Product Process, fall short when it comes to launching a product. That single "launch" box doesn't capture the complexity or cross-functional effort needed to truly ignite a product's success.

The Frustration: Launches as an Afterthought

A product launch isn't an afterthought. It's a strategic initiative that demands meticulous planning and flawless execution across teams. The current frameworks isolate launch activities, leaving product development siloed from the critical marketing and sales functions.

Elevating Launches: What Matters Most

Early & Integrated Marketing: Marketing must be at the table from the get-go, not just when the product's ready. This allows our team to:

  • Validate Market Fit: Are we building something the market truly needs?

  • Craft Compelling Messaging: Does our product story resonate with the target audience?

  • Spark Pre-Launch Buzz: Can we generate excitement and anticipation well before launch day?

Defining Launch Stages & Deliverables: Let's ditch the single "launch" box. Instead, we need a clear roadmap with defined stages, deliverables, and milestones. This creates transparency and accountability for everyone involved. Here's an example:

  • Market Research & Validation

  • Product Messaging & Positioning

  • Go-to-Market Strategy

  • Sales Enablement & Training

  • Launch Execution & Ongoing Optimization

Building a Launch-Ready Team: A successful launch requires a cross-functional team – product, marketing, sales, customer success, and more. We must invest in training and ensure everyone understands their roles and how their contribution drives success.

The Ideal Framework: Built for Collaboration

Instead of retrofitting existing frameworks, we need a solution designed for seamless collaboration. This framework should:

  • Integrate Marketing Throughout: Marketing activities shouldn't be bolted on at the end. We need a holistic approach that weaves marketing seamlessly into the product lifecycle.

  • Embrace Agility: Markets are dynamic, and customer needs can shift quickly. The framework should allow us to adapt our launch strategy without derailing the entire process.

Conclusion: Investing in Strategic Launches

By prioritizing early marketing involvement, defining launch stages with clear deliverables, and fostering a cross-functional team environment, we can ensure impactful product launches that capture market share and achieve our business objectives. Let's work together with our marketing team to develop a framework that reflects the realities of today's product landscape.


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