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From Product Camp Online 2021 - 10 Ways to Ensure a Successful Product Launch

Product Camp Online 2021

I had the honor of being chosen to present at the 2021 Product Camp Online. The topic I chose was 10 Ways to Ensure a Successful Product Launch.

I had 3 poll questions as part of my presentation that I want to share. I don't have any editorial views on the responses (right, wrong, or otherwise), but thought you would find them interesting just the same.

The first is a word cloud. The question is "What words do you think of when you think of a product launch?".

Product launch word cloud

If you are unfamiliar with word clouds, a larger font size represents a higher frequency of the same word or phrase. In this word cloud, the word "awareness" has the highest frequency.

The second poll question is "Who is responsible for product launch success?". The options are product manager, product marketing manager, someone else, not sure, and no one.

The setup to the poll question is "Who is driving the bus?". I wanted feedback on who the audience believes is ultimately accountable for product launch outcomes.

Keep in mind the audience for a Product Camp is largely product managers. I wouldn't be surprised if the responses skewed to product marketing managers if the event was largely attended by PMMs.

Who is responsible for launch success - poll

The final question is "Do you define launch objectives?". I was trying to tease out from the audience whether they had predefined goals, objectives, OKRs, or some set of drivers behind a product launch.

Do you define launch objectives - poll

I wasn't entirely surprised at the response. Less than half responded that they have launch objectives (measurable and time-bound).

Too many organizations focus on outputs rather than outcomes.

You can get a PDF copy of my deck on the link below.

10 Ways to Ensure a Successful Product L
Download • 4.19MB

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